Nov 2, 2010

Cloning the Linux Machine through Network

Cloning the Linux Machine through Network


Redhat Enterprise Linux




Ghosting the Linux server without third party software



a) New server ipaddress

b) Running server ipaddress

In new machine side Configuration:

1) Booted into the rescue mode

2) Enable the networking option

3) Give the below command to make dd command listening to port 30 for input,

# nc -l -p 30
dd of=/dev/sda

In running server side configuration:

4) Dump the content of the disk to the target pc though port 30 using the following command,

# dd if=/dev/sda
nc 30

5) Then to check that traffic is flowing, on the source machine go to another terminal (ALT/F2) and dump the tcp data on the NIC (assuming it's eth0)

# tcpdump -tnli eth0 port 30

Note: Assuming that Network controller driver is available in default OS Kernel.

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