Jul 7, 2011

Manually Load Driver in initrd on SUSE

Manually Load Driver in initrd on SUSE Server


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2


Need to manually add the hba card (fibre card) driver in initrd image


1)      Load the required driver temporarily using the modprobe command

            # modprobe -v qla2xxx

2)      Check weather the driver module is loaded or not by using lsmod
                # lsmod | grep qla

3)      Add the new driver module entry in the kernel file

                # vi /etc/sysconfig/kernel

            INITRD_MODULES="ata_piix mptsas processor thermal fan jbd ext3 edd qla2xxx"

4)      Now recreate the initrd image using the below command.

                # mkinitrd -k /boot/vmlinux- -i /boot/initrd-

5)      Reboot the server and check weather the driver is loaded or not.
                # init 6

       # lsmod | grep qla

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