Dec 20, 2011

Online LUN Detection in RHEL

Online LUN Detection in RedHat Enterprise Linux

RedHat Enterprise Linux

Detect Newly assigned LUN in RHEL without reboot the server


1)       Install the required packages

                                # yum install sysfsutils sg3_utils

2)       We need the below parameters to rescan the scsi bus

                                H – HBA Number
                                C – Channel on the HBA
                                T – SCSI target id
                                L – LUN id

3)       We can get the above said parameters using the different command, for me I am using “systool” and “sg_map” command

            # systool -c fc_host -v
            Class Device = "host3"
            Class Device path = "/sys/class/fc_host/host3"
            port_name = "0x2100001b32882e82"

Note : In the above sample output class device path is “host3”. So 3 is the HBA number, if dual channel HBA means like the above host4 also will displayed. Here port name is the HBA's wwn id.

            # systool -c fc_transport -v
            Class Device = "0:0"
            Class Device path = "/sys/class/fc_transport/target3:0:0"
            port_name = "0x200400a0b84889b5"
Note: In the above command output, class device path is “3:0:0”, that is in the order of “HBA number:channel on HBA:SCSI Target id”  (H:C:T). Here port name is the storage's wwpn id.

            # sg_map -x

            /dev/sg0  0 0 0 0  0
            /dev/sg1  0 0 1 0  0
            /dev/sg2  0 1 0 0  0  /dev/sda
            /dev/sg3  3 0 0 0  0
            /dev/sg4  3 0 0 31  0
            /dev/sg5  3 0 1 0  0  /dev/sdb
            /dev/sg6  3 0 1 1  0  /dev/sdc
            /dev/sg7  3 0 2 0  0  /dev/sdd
            /dev/sg8  3 0 2 1  0  /dev/sde
Note: In the above command output, first four digits as represents “H C T L” also known as Host, Bus, Target, Lun  (H B T L). From this we can identify how many luns are already mapped.

4)       Now rescan the SCSI bus using the said parameters

                                # echo “C T L” > /sys/class/scsi_host/HostH/scan

Note: If u are having dual channel HBA card means scan both the HBA numbers using the above command .

5)       Now check with the fdisk command, whether the LUN is detected or  not. If not means use the below command

                                # echo “1” > /sys/class/fc_host/hostH/issue_lip

Note: The above command instruct the driver to rediscover the remote ports. LIP (Loop Initialization  Protocol).

6)       Now confirm with the fdisk command and use the LUN as usual.

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