Feb 13, 2011

Add SSH Service to Xinetd in RHEL

Add SSH Service to Xinetd in RHEL

RedHat Enterprise Linux

Add the ssh service to xinted in RedHat Enterprise Linux Server.


1)      First need to check the services file, for weather ssh is defined on port 22  or not.

                        # grep ssh /etc/services
            ssh   22/tcp            # SSH Remote Login Protocol
            ssh   22/udp            # SSH Remote Login Protocol

Note: If not defined means add the above entries in the services file.

2)      Create a file ssh inside /etc/xinetd.d directory for add ssh service into xinetd service.

                        # cd /etc/xinetd.d
            # vi ssh
            service ssh
                    socket_type            = stream
                    protocol               = tcp
                    wait                   = no
                    port                   = 22
                    user                   = root
                    server                 = /usr/sbin/sshd
                    server_args            = -i
                    disable                = no
Note: Here “Server” indicates, where your openssh installed location.

3)      Now restart the xinetd service

                        # service xinetd restart

4)      Now check with netstat command, weather port number is listening or not

                        # netstat -an | grep 22
            tcp        0      0 :::22        :::*      LISTEN

Note: Using this we can add any service (like ftp) to the internet service daemon (inetd).

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