Feb 27, 2011

NFS Server Configuration in AIX

NFS Server Configuration in AIX
AIX 5.3

Need to configure the NFS server in AIX 5.3


Server Side Configuration:

         First check the nfs  server and client filesets are installed or not

# lslpp –L | grep bos.net*
bos.net.nfs.client    A     F    Network File System Client
bos.net.nfs.server    C     F    Network File System Server

         Create a NFS export directory using the mknfsexp command. It will automatically create the exported directory entry in /etc/exports file.

#  mknfsexp -d /tmp/test2 -t rw

Note: In this example, the mknfsexp command exports the /tmp/test2 directory with read-write permission.

         Check the /etc/exports file to confirm /tmp/test2 directory is exported or not.

# cat /etc/exports
/tmp/test2 -rw

Note: The purpose of the /etc/exports file is, the server automatically exports the listed directories each time the NFS daemon is started.

         List all the exported directory in the server by using the below command

# showmount –e
export list for Server:
/tmp/test2  (everyone)

         Start the NFS and portmap daemon

# startsrc –g nfs
# startsrc –s 

Client Side Configuration:

         Start the NFS and portmap daemon

# startsrc –g nfs
# startsrc –s portmap

         Mount the exported directory using the below command.

# mount server:/tmp/test2 /mnt

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